Neo Elementum LTD

Neo Elementum LTD

«Neo Elementum ltd» - represents a group of European companies that are specialized in producing high-quality dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics.

We manufacture advanced products using top-notch technological solutions based on our custom lab tests and reports. Our scientists regularly conduct experiments and studies to develop efficient formulas implemented in our 100% safe to use products. We guarantee fast results and exceptional quality.

Member of Estonian Chamber

Manufacturing Principles

The manufacturing process is a collaboration of production lines and pharmaceutical laboratories located in Germany, France, Italy, and Latvia. The production process is held in accordance with quality standards and regulations established by the UN authorities.

Produced using advanced technologies, our products will certainly meet customers’ needs thanks to the exceptional qualification and professionalism of our employees. Neo Elementum not only manufactures high-quality goods but also takes care of the environment and strictly follows all fundamental issues of the humanitarian ethics.

We guarantee an improved quality of life and long-lasting wellbeing. All products and non-GMO. They contain 100% natural components that are certified to meet all safety, efficiency, and quality standards.

Production of capsules of the company "Neo Elementum LTD", a factory in Italy

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Neo Elementum LTD

Company’s Strategy

Our mission is to develop an ultimate formula for happiness and wellbeing. We create products that are aimed at improving the quality of life. We help people to keep fit and promote the idea of a healthy lifestyle, while our products take leading positions in the global marketplace.

Our team contains not just employees but health enthusiasts who stick to principles and ideas of developing a healthier society based on recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO)

Neo Elementum LTD

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy lets Neo Elementum stand out from other companies that work in the health and beauty industry. We establish a different approach that combines the idea of global product supply to ensure people’s wellbeing with the aim to deliver a solid learning curve to broaden customers’ knowledge base and practical experience in terms of keeping fit and healthy lifestyle.

Not only each employee is obliged to have solid health feedback and knowledge but also skills to implement that knowledge under real-life conditions.

Neo Elementum consists of top-rated European experts brought to one place to bring their award-winning ideas to life under the same brand. The pool of specialists introduces true geeks in the healthcare industry, logistics, technical education, etc.

The core benefit of Neo Elementum is access to warehouses located in different parts of the world. They ensure fast, safe, and prompt delivery despite the customer’s location.

Neo Elementum LTD

Our Success

Each customer may count on comprehensive support delivered by our experienced managers and operators. Not only the consult on a specific product providing detailed descriptions, overviews, and specs but also share handy recommendations on proper usage to gain maximum effect when combining products with healthy diets, physical and mental activities, etc.

Our products possess exclusive properties and 100% natural ingredients that ensure the fast and safe result, especially when used following WHO recommendations. Customers will benefit from enhanced and long-lasting effects, improved wellbeing, physical and mental stability.

We offer flexible payment options that totally meet customers’ expectations and demands. We are ready to consider clients’ recommendations and ideas while returning buyers may count on personalized offers, special discounts, and bonuses!